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About Us

La Colmena is a community-based organization founded in 2014, working to empower day laborers, domestic workers, and other low-wage immigrant workers in Staten Island through organizing, education, culture, and economic development. We are committed to providing the tools they need to become leaders who can speak and advocate for themselves and their communities.

We serve a varied population of individuals and families from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Peru, among other places. Our members speak a range of indigenous languages and have different levels of literacy.

Beyond our work with day laborers and domestic workers, we run other programs like the Staten Island Butterfly Effect, Staten Island L'Unicorns, and La Colmena's Folkloric Dance Group. 


We we stand for: Improving the quality of life of Staten Island immigrant workers and their families by providing access to resources, education, job safety, leadership development and celebration of their cultures so they can advocate for themselves and their families.


Workers Justice 

We believe in supporting all workers and providing them with access to resources that would help them with worker’s compensation and wage thefts. We strongly advocate for fair wages, economic development opportunities, and safety in the workplace for all workers.


We focus on educating all the members of the community so that they are empowered to build their own careers. We provide various training programs such as OSHA 30 and SST 10 training, soft and hard skills development to help them grow and do well in their careers.

Community Leadership

We believe in creating an environment where people from the community can have a space to hold meetings and address their concerns knowing that they will be heard. People of the community are given training in leadership development and self-advocacy so that they can come forward and speak their minds.


We ensure that the workers in the community can obtain basic resources that will be required for stability such as access to job opportunities, human and legal services, financial support, local and national resources, and navigating systems.


We take pride in celebrating and promoting diverse cultures in our community. We encourage the community members to organize and to come together and celebrate their cultural heritage on Staten island.

Collaboration / Community

We connect and partner with various national and local organizations to expand our networks and resources to help the workers and their families.


We value the lives of immigrant workers and their families. We are committed to improving the quality of their lives by providing the support and resources they require.


La Colmena was founded by members of the community in 2014 to create a place where people would feel safe. The goal is to advocate and empower the Staten Island community.

See a timeline of La Colmena's history. 


The New York Women's Foundation 

The Northstar Fund

The New York Community Trust

Hispanic Federation

Take Root Justice

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