Worker Center

We help day laborers find jobs with fair pay, and are incubating a worker-owned co-op for domestic laborers to provide childcare services (learn more at www.loveandlearn.coop). 

We also conduct occupational health and safety training sessions, such as OSHA 10 - OSHA 30, and provide legal assistance to workers who have been victims of wage theft and/or accidents at the workplace.


Transnational Project

Ñani (Brother) Migrante Transnational Project is an effort to connect immigrant workers living and working on Staten Island with their families in their communities of origin in Mexico. We support the celebration and promotion of the music, dances, and traditions of the Mixteca indigenous culture, which is the heritage of many of our members. We also aim to identify the root causes of migration and work together to find solutions and stop forced migration.


Youth Leadership

Through the Staten Island Dream Coalition, we organize and empower immigrant youth and allies. We help process and renew DACA applications, advocate for immigrant and civil rights, and sustain ongoing involvement in the local community.