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The Contribution of the Latinx Immigrant Workforce to Staten Island’s

economy before and during the pandemic.

By The Worker Institute at Cornell ILR and La Colmena Staten Island Community Job Center

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City of Aspiration: 150 Ideas for building a more equitable NYC

Here is growing consensus that New York City leaders needs to take new action to build a more equitable city. This report provides a roadmap for how NYC can get there, featuring 150 New York-based leaders and national experts each sharing a single policy idea for how to make progress toward a more equitable NYC.

By the Center for an Urban Future

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A diverse and representative group of over 70 NYC community-based organizations (CBOs) and stakeholders working to ensure comprehensive services for underserved communities, focused on tackling health Prepared by The Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health. 

By Communities Together for Health Equity (CTHE)

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